Managed Print Services

What Is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is not simply a product.
It's a business partnership formed to strategically optimize your print environment and cut costs.

All service and consumables are covered for your entire printer fleet

Proactive monitoring intelligently tracks usage and orders supplies before you need them

Toner is automatically shipped so it is on-hand to replace empty cartridges

Online portal for simple and easy service and supply requests

Consistent and manageable fixed-cost structure tailored to your printing environment

Single-point of contact for all supplies and service, no matter what brand of printer

Monthly reporting detailing print activity and analysis of volume and service trends

World class service and support for every covered printer in your company

Managed Print Services is not a product. It's a business partnership.

How Does MPS Benefit My Company?

Managed Print Services is not a cookie-cutter product.
It is a business solution tailored to your printing environment that helps you manage cost and boost productivity.

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Manage Costs

A fixed-cost model helps controls rising costs

With its fixed-cost model, MPS helps control the rising costs of consumables and avoid costly unexpected repairs.

Free IT Resources

Let your IT staff focus on what they do best

With MPS, your printing devices are supported and maintained, freeing your IT resources for other business-critical tasks.

Increase Uptime

With on-time maintenance and monitoring

MPS continually monitors toner and ink levels and watches for maintenance alerts so you can avoid unexpected downtime.

Control Your Budget

By accurately forecasting printing costs

With its fixed-cost model, MPS helps you know you printing costs up front and accurately forecast your printing budget.

Reduce Waste

By eliminating unnecessary stock

With automated consumable and service ordering, there’s no need to stock up and overcrowd supply closets.

Conserve Energy

By analyzing workflow and efficiency

Printing workflow analysis and device consolidation ensures the most efficient output devices are being used.

An average of 3% of a company's revenue is spent on office document expenses.

How Much Can My Company Save?

We follow an extensive, six-step proposal process. Because we are so confident we can help your company control costs, we provide this detailed proposal to you for free.

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Initiate On-Site Assessment

A low-impact analysis tool installed at your site collects printing data and trends.

Perform Facility Walkthrough

We observe your environment and collect information about your printing needs.

Gather Available Cost Data

We gather your current costs data, so we can provide an accurate comparsion report.

Finish Fleet Assessment

We collect the printing environment data gathered by our analysis tool.

Carefully Study Findings

A team of experts analyzes printing trends and workflow to produce an accurate proposal.

Present Executive Proposal

We present a detailed proposal and listen to your feedback, with the goal of partnership.

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